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To purchase:
Please contact our office directly to place your order. Ask us about quantity discounts!
In Oregon call 503-868-7476 or 1-888-BIKE-RAX (245-3729)

How long does take to process and order?
Usually 4-6 weeks for production racks. Custom racks can take more time if there is special text or logos.

What can I expect to pay for a custom rack?
Since there are so many possibilities for custom racks, prices can range considerably. The average price range for a custom rack is $500.00 to $2500.00.

Are there powder coating colors that require special consideration?
Yes! Red, Yellow and Orange colors are not always UV stable and can fade with time. There are two means to prevent this. One is a special order super durable version of these colors, the second is to apply a clear coating that provides UV stability. Either option is an additional charge. All metallic coatings (silver, bronze, etc.) also require a clear top coat to prevent color oxidation. See the FINISHING options for more details.

We offer the following standard colors: Black, White, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow. We are continuously using an array of colors and can extend standard color pricing on any in-stock color.
Powder Coating has come along way since we started and new colors and techniques are still on the horizon. We have been very successful in matching colors or finding the right color for your project. We use the color coding system of RAL #’s to reference between our suppliers. There are many online catalogs you can peruse and please reference their RAL#’s. Fleck, Sparkle, Two-Tone and hand painted are also options. CALL US TODAY and let’s talk about the color you are looking for. *Please Note: That your computer monitor may not represent the “true” color. Download our Color Chart (RAL)
Galvanizing offers the most protection and can be used as the final coat or a base coat for even further protection. We recommend if near coastal waters to think of Galvanizing.

Embedded Installation:
For new construction applications, any Creative Metalworks rack can be built to be set in concrete. This eliminates the need for any holes to be drilled, and provides a permanent mounting.
Surface Mount Installation:
For existing applications, each rack usually requires a maximum of only four holes to be drilled. Hardware, including tamper-proof hardware is available.
APBP Bicycle Parking Guidelines:
The Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP) recommendations on bicycle parking guidelines, including bicycle rack selection, location and placement that answers these questions and will ensure quality bicycle parking.
Is there discount/quantity pricing?
Yes! Greater the quantity – Greater the discount. Call for more information.