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We offer the following standard colors: Black, White, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow. We are continuously using an array of colors and can extend standard color pricing on any in-stock color.



Powder Coating has come along way since we started and new colors and techniques are still on the horizon. We have been very successful in matching colors or finding the right color for your project. We use the color coding system of RAL #’s to reference between our suppliers. There are many online catalogs you can peruse and please reference their RAL#’s. Fleck, Sparkle, Two-Tone and hand painted are also options. CALL US TODAY and let’s talk about the color you are looking for. *Please Note: That your computer monitor may not represent the “true” color. Download ourĀ Color Chart (RAL)


Galvanizing offers the most protection and can be used as the final coat or a base coat for even further protection. We recommend if near coastal waters to think of Galvanizing.


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