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Our Production Racks offer great styling and functionality. They are Production Racks as they have proven themselves as both useful and popular. They offer the advantage of faster production time and are typically less expensive than a custom rack while still providing eye-catching designs.
Production Racks come standard (surface mounted) with a powder coat finish in our standard colors. Production Racks can be galvanized either as the finish or as a primer layer for additional protection. Custom Colors are also available on all Creative Metalworks racks.


Our Bolt on Bike Racks were designed to utilize the posts of existing meter poles. As cities and municipalities across the nation are choosing to upgrade their car parking there isn’t much use for these posts, until now. For the same price it costs to remove the unused posts we can turn them into bicycle parking for the future.

The Bolt on Bike Racks come with all necessary hardware for installation including the post caps. Although these were designed for meter poles we have attached them too all types of poles and posts. Call for quantity pricing!

Does your city have a theme? We enjoy taking this concept and customizing them to your city.


The Leaning Bike Rack Series has proven itself year after year. The LBR 4 is our most popular model of the LBR Series but also comes in LBR 2, LBR 3, LBR 5, LBR 6


Does your company, city, school have a logo or mascot we can incorporate into a design?

We can add it in, around or on top of one of our existing production racks. We can alter production racks to suit your needs and desires. Want your bike rack to match your company or school colors? We can do that too!


A simple efficient design that provides secure bike parking. Available in multiple capacities to suit your parking needs.


Parkwells are perhaps our best rack when it comes to parking bikes in a uniform manor. The wheel stabilizer and frame support ensure that bikes are held upright and parallel to one another. Optional poly sleeves protect the bike’s frame finish. Available in multiple capacities and configuratons to suit your parking needs.


This rack signals its use with clean, simple lines. This rack works well in areas that offer a minium of installation space. This rack is built in two sections for ease of shipping via UPS with a one-bolt assembly. CUSTOMIZE IT! The Swizzle Stick lends itself nicely to be customized to include your name of business or organization, logo, or theme. The swizzle stick also comes in a Short variation and is our most popular customized bike rack. Check our Modified Production Racks page for ideas of customization.


Created for urban areas with a Victorian or similar architectural theme. Each rack has a capacity of two bikes. Available in surface or embedded mounts.

TANDEM BIKE RACKS (illustrations/schematics)

The Tandem Rack is our flagship rack. The design incorporates the classic wave rack into a more eye appealing and functional bike rack. Additional parking is created by parking bicycles parallel to the front and rear wheels. Capacities for this rack range from 6 bikes up to 12+ by the addition of more waves in the middle of the rack.

Please reference our Color Chart below. We use RAL#s for reference; so if you don’t see what you like find an RAL# of your choosing.

Do you have questions on embedded mounting and other questions? Please refer to our FAQ page for more information.

See our FINISH options and download a custom Color Chart (RAL#’s)